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Guide to choosing and purchasing household bathroom faucets
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Single handle faucet is easy to use: at present, there are two types of commonly used household bathroom faucets - one is double handle ceramic sealing faucet, which is transformed from the original rubber gasket sealing faucet. Its sealing parts are composed of precision machined mirror ceramic pieces, with high hardness, good sealing performance and long service life; the other is single handle ceramic chip sealing thermostat, with its sealing parts A new type of ceramic disc valve core with hot and cold water mixing is adopted. When using, the water quantity and water temperature of the tap are controlled by a single handle, which makes the operation more convenient and comfortable.

According to the appearance, the electroplating surface of the faucet should have uniform luster, and attention should be paid to the defects such as peeling, cracking, scorching, peeling, black spots and pockmarks; the spraying surface should be fine, smooth and even, and attention should be paid to whether there are defects such as sagging and bottom exposure. These defects will directly affect the service life of the tap.

The faucet must be matched with the structure and size of sanitary ware. The basin and sink are usually divided into single hole, double hole and three hole. The hole spacing is 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm. The faucet matching with the faucet should be selected.

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